Secret Keeper [][]a[]
Chief Secret Keeper

Chief Secret Keeper [DATA NOT FOUND] has been a member of this organization since its founding day. Though late to the party, and not an original witness of the Great Sign of the Clouds, he[?] is nonetheless revered by junior members of the Society. Before being assigned the role of Secret Keeper, [][]a[] was an essential part of watching as his fellow founders investigated the Will of the Clouds and the rise of the Shadow Group.

Secret Keeper [][][]n works very hard to maintain the secrecy of the SCS's many brilliant and unique ideas. As the highest ranking member of the Department of Secrecy, the Chief Secret Keeper's proudest achievement has been the successful implementation of the Double-false Unrestricted Publication of Explicit Misinformation campaign, in partnership with the DoOM. This program, under which countless records have been published to public internet forums and local newsletters in forty-six counties in the state of New Jersey, has successfully duped at least one Shadow Group affiliate and a member of the Mossgagurch of Arbol into accepting false ideas as genuine SCS secrets. The information is explicitly referred to as false: a cunning use of reverse psychology, guaranteed to succeed by the gullibility of our enemies. Also as part of DUPEM, a number of true documents have been published to sites like Instagram, as a means of convincing Shadow Group affiliates that false information discovered elsewhere may, in fact, be reliable knowledge. These posts are also riddled with misinformation and security measures to ensure that the knowledge is neither entirely trustworthy nor too easily accessed. The Chief Secret Keeper is very proud of this program, which he asserts, "is not, by any means, ridiculously overcomplicated. Get out of my office. How did you even find me here?"

Though very reclusive, when he leaves the chambers of the Department of Secrecy, he can often be seen talking in whispers with Chief of Security [REDACTED], discussing the latest threats facing the Society, and trading vague but doubtless meaningful hand gestures and eye contact. (Anyone who witnesses these conversations is asked to cooperate with SSC personnel, and to answer any and all questions about what they have seen to the best of their ability. Your life may depend upon it.) Contact between the Chief Secret Keeper and other members of the Society is achieved through various robed-and-hooded proxies. His most trusted proxies are [Z]yan, [N]yan, R[r]an, [Y]n[a]r, and Charlene.

From a young age, [][][][] has held secrecy in the highest regard, nearly as high as the clouds. It is impossible to say exactly how young or how high, as these are closely guarded secrets, like most facts about the Department of Secrecy and its members. The following information, however, has been cleared for release by the Secret Keeper's aide, [Z]yan: The Chief Secret Keeper's favorite color is somewhere in the ultraviolet range. The Chief Secret Keeper's Wednesday Journal's contents are not publicly available, but the third word on the four hundred ninety-eighth page is "the," and it was horribly smudged by a particularly emotional tear. The Chief Secret Keeper's first pet was a turtle, because "they are wise, but they do not share their wisdoms. The clouds trust them." The Chief Secret Keeper enjoys hiking in foggy mountainous terrain and reclining on freshly fallen snow in the dead of night. The Chief Secret Keeper's lucky number is privileged information, but he would like you to believe that the number is 2. Requests for greater transparency regarding the Secret Keeper's personal history are being considered, and further requests may be submitted to the Department of Secrecy's new Secret Human Resources, Enlightenment, and Departmental Revelations ask box.

Secret of the Stars
The key to a good stare is the stars. Do not blink.
By: Secret Keeper [][]a[]
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"It looks like your ice cubes are bleeding."
"I was showing off my transparent corn and it just went from there."
"What the heck pants are these?"
"Say what you want about him, but that kid can dab though."