Detailed here are the brief autobiographies of the 21st reincarnations of the SCS members.
Secret Keeper [][]a[]
Chief Secret Keeper
Chief Secret Keeper [DATA NOT FOUND] has been a member of this organization since its founding day. Though late to the party, and not an original witness of the Great Sign of the Clouds, he[?] is nonetheless revered by junior members of the Society. Before being assigned the role of Secret Keeper, [][]a[] was an essential part of watching as his fellow founders investigated the Will of the Clouds and the rise of the Shadow Group.
Tazz Berkshireson XXVII
Head of the SSC
Tazz was born on Cloud Street, Bloomington, IL after the president's Super Cool (something with an s) motorcade hit a trash can shaped as a child and promptly exploded.
Scotty Boy McBoi
Head of the R&D department
Never before has a mind as striking as this scraped the heaven's clouds. Head of R&D and the SEA (Society Evolution Assurance) administration, Scotty Boy, has been with the SCS for two years now.
Employee of Da Month
Head of Employee Department
When Employee O'Da Month was first born, he immediately seemed strange to his parents. Instead of crying, he rather sputtered, not wanting to shame himself in front of the strangers in blue as, of course, this would be socially unacceptable. Although his parents were immortal, Employee O Da Month did not seem to have the same powers, but rather a dumbed down bit of his heritage.