SCS Outreach Personnel Fired for Abusing Twitter
The law documentation of the SCS was not ready for its millennial members.
By: Scotty Boy McBoi | Head of R&D department

What happens when you combine the wonders of technology and an, admittedly, especially vicious new generation of SCS personnel? You get a Tweetstorm. A PR disaster for any Society trying to spread their influence. Luckily, the Society of Upholding Propriety, SoUP for short, responded to this crisis in a matter of weeks. Gaining control of the SCS’s official Twitter account and dealing with the offending SCS members. Their names are listed here for the sole intention of shaming:

-Bobbity McBobster
-Trop de Biere
-Dr. DaSauce
-Dr. DasSome GudSouce

Here at the Meaningful Friendship Assurement department we know what you might be thinking right about now: "Not Dr. DasSome GudSouce! He's such a good guy! He couldn't have done this." To clear your innocent mind of these potentially treasonous thoughts, we must remind you that if you read that a Doctors or Scientist is wrong from a offical form of SCS news distribution, then it is true. To fully understand, you must know what these managers of social media and outreach Tweeted that was so shameful.

Generally, the SCS's Twitter feed is of pure clouds and a few reminders not to grow curious of the shadows. But, the line was crossed when outreach personnel attack the Shadow Group in a aggressive manner. We must maintain our image as the most refined and graceful Secret Society of them all, and the Tweet in question does not old us to our own highly coveted standard. Below is the Tweet, let it not warp your mind, it is not officially endorsed.

This Tweet, while accurately representing the views of nearly every SCS member, it should not have have left our mouthpiece and been declared to the internet for the world to hear. It is a matter of controlling public option that we frown so strongly on the actions of these personnel.

The high ranking positions of social media outreach would not be vacant if this was the only misstep though. No, only seven minutes later our offcial Twitter account Tweeted this:

Never has such a heinous act of such gall ever been perpetrated from such a high security clearance department. To even suggest that we are in need of a PR refresh is against code #23424:

"Never is it appropriate or necessary to enter a contest to change the Twitter bio of an offcial SCS channel of communication. Such acts are considered treasonous given the:

(1) Impression that our insitution is handling outreach poorly

(2) Freedom of a third party to influence the internal workings of the society or individual department."

You heard the eerily specific code, such actions are reprehensible, end of story. We will be releasing a press release publicly apologizing to our staff and external following. And also directly confronting Jacksfilms to atone our actions of pulling him into this heated and intense incident. No doubt that we are trending on social media by the time of the publishing of this article.